Alright, guys so as you know I have been spending a lot of my time with my mum since last year and I have learned extensively about our family, about myself, and quietly funnily all the Nepal vegetables name in English! Whether you are a foreigner living in Nepal or Nepali living abroad, I hope this list of all the Nepali vegetable names in English helps you.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it. I knew most of it but I had to learn the rest otherwise I wouldn’t know what to look for while grocery shopping.
I will share some handy travel tips to Nepal towards the end, so that can be useful also.

All the Nepali vegetables name in English

nepali vegetables name in English
All the nepali vegetables name in English
Aduwa Ginger
Ban Tarul Wild Edible Yam
Banda Gobi/ Banda KoviCabbage
BarelaaBalsam Apple
Bethe ko SaagLambsquarter
BhantaaBrinjal, Egg plant, Aubergin
Bhinde KhursaniBell Pepper, Sweet Pepper, capscium
Bhote PaalungoGarden Sorrel, Bladder Dock
Chamsoor ko SaagGardenCress
Chanaa, HariyoGreen Bengal Gram
ChatelMomordica cochinchinensis
Chatel ko Munta ko SaagIndian Gourd, Kantola Shoots
Chayote/ ChokoEiskus
Chhayapi ko SaagShallot Greens
ChichindoSerpent or Snake Gourd
ChiuraBeaten Rice
Chuchche KhursaniCone Pepper
ChukanderBeet Root
Cidratiny dry fish
Dhania ko Paat or Saag (Hariyo)Fresh Coriander or Cilantro
DhaniyaCoriander / Cilantro
Dhokre KhursaniLong Pepper
Dundu ko SaagChinese Leek
Gante Moola ko Saag or Dalle Moola ko Saag Turnips Greens
Gobre Paalungo ko SaagSpinach Variety
Hariyo BodiBlack Eye Beans
Hariyo Saag-Paat HaruGreen Leafy Vegetables
Hiunde SimiHyacinth Bean
Iskush ko Munta ko SaagChayote Greens
Jhine KhorsaniCluster Pepper
Jire KhorsaniBird’s Eye Chili, Bird Pepper
Jyanmara KhursaniCherry Pepper/Pimiento
Kaauli ko SaagCauliflower Greens
KarkaloTaaro Leaves
Karmaiya SaagWater Bindweed, Swamp Cabbage
KataharJack Fruit
Kause SimiVelvet Bean, Horse-Eye Bean
Kel ko SaagKale
Keraau ko Muntaa ko SaagPea Vine Shoots
Kerau or MatarGarden Peas
KhursaniChili/ Green pepper
Koiralo (Seto or Rato)Bauhinia – white or pink
KubhindoAsh Gourd,Wax Gourd, Chinese Melon
Laal SaagAmaranth
Laaphe SaagVegetable Mallow  Poppy Mallow
Lahare Similong bean
LapsiNepalese HogPlum
LaukaBottle Gourd, Calabash
Lunde ko SaagPigweed
MakkaiCorn / Maize
Methi ko Paat or SaagFenugreek leaves
Mula Radish
Mula ko SaagRadish Greens
NeuroEdible Fern Shoots, Fiddlehead Fern
Nigalo TushaHimalayan Bamboo
Paate GhiraulaRidgedor Ribbed Gourd
ParwarPointed Gourd,Patol
Phaapar ko SaagBuck-wheat Greens
PharsiGourd, Pumpkin
Pharsi ko MuntaPumpkin Shoots
PidaaluCo-co Yam
Poi SaagIndian Spinach
Raayo ko DukuMustardShoots
Raayo ko SaagLeaf Mustard
RamtoriLady Fingers/Okra
Sakhar KhandSweet Potato
Salad ko Saag or PaatCurly Leaf Lettuce
Salegum ko SaagTurnip Greens
Salgam ko SaagKohlrabi Greens
Sano GolbhedaCherry Tomato
Sano KerauField Peas
Sarwari SaagQuail Grass
Saunf or Sunp ko SaagFresh Dill Greens
Sim RayoWater Cress
SipliganGarlic Pear
Sishnu ko SaagStinging Nettle, Nettle Greens – (Lekali Sisnu, Thulo Sisnu, Bhangre Sisnu)
Taama BansBamboo
TarulCasavaa, Tapioca, Yam
Tarware SimiJack Bean, Sward Bean
Tike PaalungoGarden Beet
TindaRound Gourd
Tite karelaBitter Gourd/ Bitter Melon
Tori ko SaagBlack Mustard Kane Saag
Gant ko DhalHorse gram
All the Nepali vegetables name in English
nepali vegetables name in English

Travel Tips for Nepal

How to get to Nepal?

You can get to Nepal via Air or crossing different land borders checkpoints. There are regular flights that fly direct from Asia or domestic flights run regularly also and international flights that land in KTM. There is one international airport in Nepal which is in the capital city of Kathmandu (KTM). Recommend to check Skyscanner for cheap flights. Train option is only open to Nepali and Indians which run from Raxaul (India) and arrives in Sirsiya (Southern Nepal).

How to get around Nepal?

My recommendation is to walk around in a new place to get to know it better. You see so much more. That said, the best way to get around Nepal is by booking a tour unless you are looking for an adventure then go solo yolo! There is so much complexity with the language barrier, and lack of infrastructure say, you hired a car and it breaks down, it won’t be surprising if that takes 3 days to get it fixed! With that said, you may find that some hotels in Kathmandu offer area shuttles, and the public transport covers the majority of the Kathmandu valley, but service is limited in other areas.

Alternatively, you can also hire ola cab, Meru cab, savaari taxi service to travel in and around Nepal, cost varying on the distance of course.

Where to stay in Nepal?

Solo travelers like myself will tell you that booking accommodation early works wonders. You can be certain where you will be sleeping and start planning your trip straight away.

I understand planning could be stressful especially when you have to think about not one but two, three, or more locations. So, if you are looking for the best place to stay in Nepal you can check hotel prices and book it through trusted Agoda, or

What to do in Kathmandu, Nepal?

Lot of people mainly visit Nepal for hikes and treks and stay in Kathmandu for few days before and after their trip. Here is a suggestion, you can do while in the city, visit 7 UNESCO Heritage Sites Day Tour.

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How many days is enough in Nepal?

It is a landlocked country that offers spectacular mountain views for days and you could easily spend months or years here but I would say 15 days is the absolute minimum. PS: most trekking are 10+ days anyway so, might as well take add that sick leave in there and make it a two weeks holiday.

Do I need a visa for Nepal?

As an Australian passport holder, yes you need a visa but it’s on arrival so get one after landing. Price varies depending on how long you want to stay. Please check the Embassy website for your country’s requirements.

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

Nepal has 4 seasons: December to February = Winter
March-May = Spring
June- August= Summer
September-November= Autumn

The one season might be better than the other but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit in those less favorable times of the year. Anytime beside summer, the off-peak season maybe the best time to visit Nepal also because, during these months, you’ll find the lowest airfares and hotel rates, with rooms often priced up to 50 percent lower than they are in the high season (especially during summer) If you are visiting during the high season expect a crowded trail but Nepali people are kind, am certain they will make room for everyone in the Himalayas!

Is Nepal safe for a solo female traveler?

People in Nepal are friendly regardless of where they live and the violent crime rate is low. Unless there is a drastic change in the country’s political situation, pandemic, or some natural disaster it is safe to travel to Nepal. Just remember to apply a general rule of thumb i.e. Don’t walk down that dark alleyway on your own, respect the culture, don’t argue about religion, dress modestly, trust your instincts, don’t be afraid but be cautious.

All the Nepali vegetables name in English
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All the Nepali vegetables name in English

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