thingstodoinsydney-summer Last month I was occupied sharing my travel tips all about Myanmar. This month I am dedicated to writing about my home base Sydney and everything it has to offer. No matter how far and long I travel, every time I’m back, I find fun things to do here. Whether it’s raining, winter or summer, here are some cool things to do in Sydney at least once in your life. I’m sure there are many more things I can experience in Sydney but just now, I’m sharing the ones I have done already. No more “I’m bored” statement when you have so much to explore and experience!
For the adventurous in you here is the most read east coast of Australia must-see travel tips.
You can watch quick videos from Sydney here. If you enjoyed it, follow me on my journey around the world! How many of these AMAZING activities can you tick off? In no particular order, I present,

The things to do in Sydney at least once in your life.

thingstodoinsydney-captaincookcruise thingstodoinsydney-captaincookcruise thingstodoinsydney-captaincookcruise

Cruising around the Sydney Harbour

I have recently realized one of the best ways to see Sydney is getting on the hop on and hop off cruise. I had heard about the hop on hop off bus but cruise sounded more fun and it was! You can cover 9 beautiful locations hopping on and hopping off the comfortable captain cook cruise. Tickets are reasonably priced and you get 2 consecutive days to use it! Whether you just arrived or a local, it is a fun thing to do in Sydney at least once in your life! If you have friends and family visiting from overseas and you want to show off Sydney in the best way possible, this would be an easy decision. Whether it be a gloomy day in winter or Sunny day in summer, captain cook cruise got you covered when it comes to discovering Sydney’s iconic attractions. They can also arrange a cruise for your special occasions and celebration. You can see all the options and buy the tickets on their official website here. the-best-walks-in-and-around-sydney

Walk off your lonesomeness

Nothing better than going for a walk when you are in this beautiful city. I believe you can mix the famous things to do in any city, and also just walking around, experiencing the outdoors, the city, the life, the culture, the things that happen along the streets and taking it all in. When you walk around on foot and see what’s happening around you, you will feel the vibe and discover many things. Just start walking around and who knows what you will find! There are many beautiful walks and hikes that you can do in and around Sydney. I have created a list of my personal favourite walks here.


Bondi Icebergs Pool

It is the most photographed ocean pool in Australia. The 50-metre saltwater pool is a popular spot for swimmers, photographers, sunbathers and a starting spot on the Bondi to Coogee walk. There is a fee of $7 to enter and you can enjoy the pool, and sauna all day. thingstodoinsydeny-parasailing

Parasailing in Manly

If you want to experience flying like a bird, but don’t want to attach yourself to another human being then Parasailing in Sydney is for you. There would only be a rope between you and a boat and a parachute above. Then slowly slowly you go up in the air. I was thrilled to experience parasailing in Manly, Sydney and wouldn’t mind doing it again. Their website gives an error atm! I will put up the link here for you guys once they fix it.

Surfing In Sydney beaches

Sydney boasts some of the beautiful beaches in the world. It makes sense many people have an agenda to learn how to surf. You can book a lesson to experience and see how you like it. thingstodoinsydney-skydiving

Skydiving in Penrith

One of the must-do Australian experience I can recommend is the Skydive in Sydney! You would be jumping off the plane or if you are lucky like me off the helicopter (with no doors) from 15000 feet above the ground! I couldn’t sleep much night before with excitement and ended up sleeping more in the morning. That resulted in missing my ride and I had to take a taxi to get to the skydiving place on time. Just remember there is no refund policy. So, plan accordingly and don’t forget to put the alarm on! Once I was inside the helicopter, my heart was racing with nervousness! But I was also a little bit relieved to know my instructor had 10 years of skydiving experience and he basically threw us out of the door! The free fall that gives you bird like feeling is the best in the world and then after few minutes, we came down to the earth. It is by far one of the best experiences I have had in Sydney. I recommend getting a DVD of your dive. It costs little more but I think memories you can share with your friends and family in the long term makes it worth it. I booked the skydive from their official website. Enjoy! thingstodoinsydeny-flyingkite

Kite flying in Brighten Le Sands

Sydney is famous for its beaches but if you are like me and get bored on the beach after 30 mins then flying a kite can be fun. You can buy these ones from IGA. Flying kite on a beach? Ticked thingstodoinsydney-kitesurf thingstodoinsydney-kitesurfing


If you want to take it one step further then, kitesurfing can be for you. Kitesurfing requires strong fitness level though, as you will be paddling under water and balancing the kite in the air! And just when you need someone to take your photo in the water, no one was there. So, here’s I am on the beach! thingstodoinsydney-horseriding

Horseriding in Centennial Parklands

This was something I always wanted to try. You don’t need to have experience as there were trainers helping beginners. You can buy a horse riding lesson from Sydney horse official website here. the-best-walks-in-and-around-sydney

Rock Climbing in the Blue Mountains

I would say rock climbing is more adventurous than skydiving! Skydiving you are relying on someone expert and are attached to him/her. No doubt free fall is an amazing experience but in rock climbing, you are attached to a rope and if you miss 1 step, you are way down the mountain! I don’t know I found this to be more of a scary thing. Perhaps because the thrilling feeling lasted the whole day whereas skydiving was over in 30mins. If you are looking for things to do once in your life in Sydney, consider rock climbing for a day which comes with abseiling too ( I loveeee abseiling and since the first time in Sydney, I have now done it in multiple countries). You can ask your hotel to book the day tour for you. thingstodoinsydney-Kangaroo

Kangaroos and Koalas

Who wouldn’t want to see the Kangaroos and Koalas! You get the fun experience of watching kangaroos and Koalas in Taronga Zoo Sydney and Wild Life Sydney. They are in the heart of the city and easy to get to. However, if you fancy breakfast with the Koalas then 45 mins drive to Featherdale wildlife could be the answer. Then Morisset Park is where you see the Kangaroos up close, they usually come out more in the evenings or morning. No fee to see them.  You can also enjoy a picnic by the riverside.

Outdoor Gym

I hated running on a treadmill. So,  when I saw the work out spots in the outdoors area like Observatory Hill or Bondi Beach. I had to go. At least once! So if the sun is still shining, head to an outdoor gym for further self-development. These open gyms have most of the equipment and instruction manuals you could ask for and are conveniently located and under-used. If you go on the weekdays, most likely you will have the place to your self and won’t have to constantly face off muscle men for the pull-up rings. There’s also a public bathroom and drinking water nearby.

the-best-walks-in-and-around-sydney Contemplate life in the outdoors

If all buzz of the city is getting too much and you are craving some wide open spaces. The Royal Botanical Gardens is right behind the Opera House. You can relax with the birds, native flowers, and enjoy people watching. If you are in the Central area, you can walk around Belmore Park. All that requires is putting on your walking shoes and head to a park. If you are addicted to Instagram like me. There is a FREE WIFI in the park. thingstodoinsydney-musicfestival thingstodoinsydney-beachnewyr thingstodoinsydney-concert1

Music Festivals and Concerts

Sydney hosts some of the best music festivals in the world. Whether it’s a summer music festival or festival by the beach for the New year. It is one of the perks of living in a beautiful city like Sydney as you get to watch some of your favourite artists locally. Usually these show run in ANZ Stadium, showground in Olympic Park or Enmore theatre and Fox Quarters in Moore Park. I have seen bonobo, ACDC, Linkin Park, Guns n’ Roses, Jayz, and some more. If you are looking to do once in a lifetime things in Sydney, you should go to a live concert in Sydney. Google if one of your favourite artist is playing this weekend in Sydney!

Watch a musical in the Capital Square or in the Opera House

Capital square is in the south end of the city and easy to get to from Central or townhall station. There are Thai restaurants around for the after show dinners. I recommend Siam than Chat Thai. Musicals in the Opera house is another level! Though the musicals change all the time, it is always packed in the Opera House. The artists, the location and vibe will make you want to stay longer. Then you can head to the Opera bar and Opera Kitchen which is conveniently located downstairs. It is a must do if you are in Sydney.

thingstodoinsydney-museumsandlibrary thingstodoinsydney-museumsandlibrary Museums and Art Galleries

If you have never been to Art Galleries, try one in Sydney. I especially like going to The Art Gallery of NSW and Museum of Contemporary Art. They usually have interesting exhibitions happening. You can be an art critic as you see the gallery unfold different artists’ meaning of art! thingstodoinsydney-museums-and-libraries


Libraries can be a fun place to go if you are into books, peace and quietness. If you are in Sydney, pop in to have a look around the State Library in Macquarie Street. There is FREE WIFI to upload your Instagram pictures. You can also rub a statue Pig’s nose couple blocks down for good luck!

Comedy Show

You will be laughing with the crowd at Sydney’s many comedy clubs and open mic nights. There are some bars dedicated to comedy night like the stars bar in George St, Cheers, Paddington RSL.

Street Art

It is easy to find creative street arts in  Newtown and Erenensville. But if you look around, there are some good ones in the CBD, Central and Petersham too. It can be a fun activity to do if you haven’t witness street art before. thingstodoinsydney-picnic


One of the best ways to admire this beautiful city is by organizing a picnic and watch the world go by. I like the Bradfield park for a picnic as you can see both the opera house and harbour bridge from this area. There are other gorgeous settings too and I may create another blog post about that. Subscribe here to know when it’s out. thingstodoinsydney-captaincookcruise


Sydney is shoppers heaven! There are many places where you can shop top brands. Such as Westfields (there one in almost every suburb), World Square, Arcades, Malls and your usual supermarkets Woolworths, IGA and Coles for everyday groceries. Some busy shopping centres like Westfield and world square,  usually have something fun going on as well. So, you can do your shopping and enjoy the place at the same time. The other day after shopping in the world square, I went to watch a silent movie with the cherry blossoms inspired cocktails and pizza!

Food and Fashion Markets

If shopping in the mall is not your style and markets is what you are all about. You won’t be disappointed as there are many markets to choose from. Such as Glebe markets every Saturday, Northside produce market, Paddy’s Market Haymarket, Paddington Markets, Rozella markets, Brewery Yard Markets in Chippendale, Surry Hills market, The Rocks Friday Foodie Markets, Sydney Fish Market, Chinatown Friday market, Bondi Markets, Kirribilli Markets, The Market EQ, Balmain Markets, Harris Farm Markets, Organic Food Markets (double bay and Lilyfield) thingstodoinsydney-thegrounds

Cool Cafes

What better way to start your morning than a good cup of coffee and freshly baked pastries or breakfast! There is a certain charm and fun spending the better part of the day in a cafe. Not just any cafe though. Cafe with creativity, good coffee, and good food which draws the good vibes automatically! I find cafes like the grounds of Alexandria or cuppa flower gives a slice of inspiration and you just want to discover more of the cafe. Although cuppa flower is small their pancakes are the bomb and the grounds are one of my personal favourites in town for brunch or brekky. If Alexandria is too far for you, you can also get their staples goods in the city location.


Restaurants and Bars

Sydney is expensive but it is one of the most livable cities in the world. It’s no surprise it comes with some of the best restaurants, and bars. Out of the 38 countries I have travelled to, and thousands of places I have eaten. Some of my favourite places to eat are still in Sydney. Such as Quay, Crinitis, Sake, Satang Thai, Casa Asturiana, Mejico, Mustang, Hacienda, & Blu Bar. One thing common between all these places is they have their own uniqueness in the decor and the menu. Treat yourself at least once when you are in Sydney, you won’t be disappointed!

Take a Speed Boat

This was one of the first activity I did when I first arrived in Sydney. Jetting around the harbour on a speedboat is one of the thrills you can enjoy so close to the Opera House – and the wetter you get, the better! The 30 minute Shark Attack Thrill Ride, Oz jet boating provides the red ponchos for the ride but I was soaked through and in need of a hot shower afterwards But, when I look at the photos captured on the boat’s GoPro, I am glad I made the decision to experience it. If you are in Sydney and want to experience something adventurous but not skydive, this can be it. You can book the tickets online on their official website. thingstodoinsydney-summerinsydney

Sexy Sydney Sunsets

Nothing clears the mind like a brisk walk and sunset with a million dollar view! You have the best Sydney sunset view from the Mrs Macquaire Chair in the Royal Botanical Garden, the Blackwattle Bay in Glebe and also from the Harbour Bridge. I may create a separate blog post listing the best places for sunsets. So, subscribe to that at the end of this post. I believe watching Sunsets brings perspective and a great photography opportunity. If you haven’t done it yet, consider it now as spring is here and before the good weather disappears. thingstodoinsydney

High Tea By the Sea

It was a great way to spend an afternoon watching the sunsets just after the tasty high tea. As you can see, the ticket came with a glass of Champagne, a choice of tea, and triple plate tower! It tasted great and the stunning Sydney harbour view was just the cherry on top! There are some hotels and restaurants that organise high tea or you can simply goto the captain cook website and book it there. I went through them too. Reasonable price, delicious food and attentive staff. I can’t wait to go for another one soon! How many activities have you done so far? I also recommend Lager Tag, Virtual Room, Escape Room, Dart Room, GO Kart, Snorkeling and High Rope Adventure in Sydney. I am going to add more things to do in Sydney regularly. So, you can bookmark this page for your reference.

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SanDisk 64 GB Memory Cards

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    Sydney looks gorgeous through your pictures! I love to sail through the harbour and the iceberg pool got a space in my list, of course the others are pretty amazing too. Cafe hopping is my favourite things to do.

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    I’m from Australia, Melbourne to be exact, but lived in Sydney for five years and my favourite thing to do was the Bondi to Coogee walk and eat at the Grounds of Alexandria. I can’t wait to go back for a visit in between my travels. I’ve never visited the state library though, so I’ll have to do that when I’m next there.

  • September 7, 2018 at 11:55 am

    So many great suggestions here! Seems like Sydney is a great place to get your fix of outdoor activities while still enjoying the comforts of city life. Plus, did you say great pancakes? Sign me up for those!

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    Your blog post is absolutely delightful and exhausting, Anna. You are such an energy bunny! I found your Table of Contents quite ingenious. The only activity I didn’t see that’s top of my Australia Bucket List is scuba diving.

    As a Cruisetour Planner, I found your segment on cruising around the Sydney Harbour especially intriguing. Sydney is a large, modern and multicultural city, with citizens hailing from all over the world. The city has become a popular destination for tourists. The city’s many attractions and seaboard location have made it a top cruise ship port – both as a port of departure where you can begin and/or end your cruise vacation, and as a port of call on cruise itineraries. Today the number of cruises from Sydney each year is well over 150.

    Sydney has two main cruise terminals: the Overseas Passenger Terminal (OPT) and White Bay Cruise Terminal (WBCT). Located in the world-renowned amphitheatre of Circular Quay, the OPT is flanked by the Sydney Opera House on one side and The Rocks Precinct and Sydney Harbour Bridge on the other. The OPT is a modern building with a complete variety of functions for passengers including an hotel, restaurants, magnificent views of Sydney Harbour, and being within walking distance of Sydney’s main sights. The WBCT is one of Sydney’s newest waterfront venues and is only five minutes by car or ferry from the Sydney central business district (also Sydney CBD, “the Town” or “the City”). The city’s underground railway makes it easy to get around, with shopping, restaurants, cafe’s, lots of attractions and sightseeing.

    A cruise vacationer can choose between a wide range of cruises from Sydney. A number of popular 7 day itineraries include sunny subtropical Queensland, or verdant Tasmania. Slightly longer 9 or 10 day cruises visit the stunning Pacific islands of New Caledonia, Vanuatu, and Fiji. The 14 day itineraries take in the circumnavigation of New Zealand. Longer cruises include trips to the oriental wonders of China and Japan, or the ambitious circumnavigation of the Australian continent.

    If your ship is only in port for the day, Sydney makes a wonderful tourist destination, with several ‘must-see’ sights near its cruise port including The Rocks – a historic site near where the first settlers landed); the iconic Sydney Opera House; the Sydney Harbour Bridge; the white sandy Bondi Beach – world renowned for being the home of surfing; and an oasis of greenery in the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens.

    Anna, I’ve already pinned this post to share with cruise clients considering Sydney as a port of call or departure. I’ll also share it in my Facebook travel group. Thanks for making my job easier! I invite you to follow the backlink to my blog and share in the Comments, for posterity’s sake, your insights as to why a cruise vacationer should consider extending their stay in Sydney. Best wishes and happy travels!

    • September 8, 2018 at 12:30 pm

      Thank you for your kind words. You are right, Scuba diving is a must do in Sydney but the reason why I didn’t include is that I am only sharing the tips and guides I have personally experienced and can write about. Perhaps in the future I will do scuba diving and include it in the list. If you would like please email me directly, so we can discuss further in regards to the cruise vacationer. Thanks again for dropping by, I appreciate your comment.

  • September 8, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    What a great list of activities to do in Sydney. Visiting Australia is high on my list and everything to do is amazing. Love the outdoor activities like rock climbing, parasailing and flying a kite. The food and shopping looks good too. I hope to get a chance to visit Australia soon and experience it as you describe it.

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    I just came back from Sydney 2 months ago! I agree it’s a beautiful city indeed. How I wish I had time to do the parasailing because it looks really fun! You’ve got really pretty pictures, by the way.

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