As a local Sydney sider, I am grateful to live here and be able to do multiple hikes and numerous walks. Whether it be the famous well-known trials or secret Sydney walks. Walks and hiking is something I usually do at home and also when I’m traveling to a new place around the world.

You could be an exchange student, traveler, living in Sydney or in between jobs, there are many walks and hikes to do in Sydney that you will enjoy! I have put together the best ones I recommend below. Something worth noting is all of these places can be reached by train or public transportation.

One of the secret Sydney walks leads to this incredible viewpoint

Best 24 walks in and around Sydney

But first, some walks and hiking tips

  • Take plenty of water (reusable water bottles if possible)
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and a hat
  • Don’t forget to put on sun protection
  • Bring photo ID
  • Also a small first aid kit
  • If going for long walks, bring your own packed lunch/snacks and picnic rug if you like
  • Warm and wet weather gear
  • Phone/ Camera if you are into photos
  • If you need a ride to the starting point of the hike and using rideshare, use code k7zapn for a $10 off your first Uber ride and use code WT7BSQD2 for a $20 Didi discount which is a rivalry to Uber and way cheaper!

I believe walking is a bit like life. The journey only requires you to put one foot in front of the other .. again and again, and again. And if you allow yourself the opportunity to be present throughout the entirety of the walk, you will witness beauty every step of the way, not just at the end. With that in mind, let’s start this epic list!

1. Shelly Headland Upper Lookout

Best secret walks in sydney
If you take pictures on your solo hikes and hashtag #hikewithanna would love to see them 🙂

I am super excited to bring you yet another secret walk/hike in Sydney! (If you are new here, I just added this today on 10/7/2020) Subscribe for blog updates or follow on Instagram to watch me find these places in real-time!

So last weekend, I went for a sunset walk with my mum in Manly and found this amazing short hike that overlooks the entire Manly beach! And as I mentioned on my Instagram post, I also met two afghani hikers who were drinking tea out of their thermos! ? It’s not something you see often in Sydney which gave me an impression like I was in a remote place meeting local people even though in real life I was right here in Sydney! Needless to say, the views and sunsets from the top were spectacular.

You can start this walk from Manly Lagoon or Manly Beach. Just keep the beach on your left and road on your right. This coastal track includes towering cliffs, couple cafes, stunning headlands, and historic military sites and is one of Sydney’s most magnificent. If you follow the route you will pass Shelley Beach, climb some stairs, pass car park, viewpoints on the left, and right in front of you is the entrance to this short hike!

It is not a difficult hike, if my 65 years old mum can do it, you can too! The path is pretty obvious but what maybe not be is, there are two viewpoints at the top. One at the front and one at the back. You can easily do both at one go but both offer great sunsets view. We even witness moon rising as it was a full moon on Sunday night! There was a couple with their dog all the way to the top which I thought was pretty cool but you may want to check if that is really allowed.

secret sydney walks

Stunning Spots: Manly Lagoon, Manly Beach, Shelly Beach, then, of course, this lookout, The Fairfax Walk at North Head, Q Station, North Head Sanctuary, take a tour of North Fort if you like, followed by the Manly Scenic Walkway, or take the Bluefish Track near Bluefish Point back to Shelly Beach.

Tip: Bring your binocular if you got them (it’s whale season right now and you may spot some!)

Getting There: You can get to Circular Quay Station either by train, light rail, bus, or Uber and walk up to Wharf 3 to get on a Ferry to Manly. If you are on a budget, recommend heading there on Sundays because public transport will only cost you $2.50 each way and because of that Sundays are also the busiest day to go out.

Use the Transport NSW site to help plan your trip with public transport.

2. Malabar Headland National Park

Secret sydney walks

Malabar Headland National Park is one of the least visited national parks in Sydney. It is a relatively new circuit walk worth going for amazing views, a nice place to meditate, or just for hanging out a while. It is also a good place to go for a run (probably not weekends though as it tends to be full of people then).

Something worth noting is you can’t go with your pet or bike, but you can start the walk from a number of locations. I chose to start at the Maroubra beach and walked straight through the national park. The track was not busy and was an unformed rock or sandy tracks. Be prepared to get dirty shoes because the trail was wet and muddy also. The views were spectacular though.

If you follow the same route, you should come out at the other end of the national park and at the Malabar beach. Continue walking south after the beach and you will arrive at this secluded Malabar rock pool. When I got there, there was not 1 single person around! Perfect for a dip in the rock pool and end the day here. There is a direct bus back to CBD from there. You can also stop in Maroubra for refreshments as there is not much on offer in Malabar.

Stunning spots: Maroubra beach, Malabar National Park, Magic Point, Malabar Beach, Malabar Rock Pool

Getting there
From Eddy Avenue at the Central Station, you can catch any bus to Maroubra beach ie 376, 395 or 372 then switch to 397 at
Anzac Pde before Robertson Rd.

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3. Sydney Harbour Bridge walk

secret sydney walks

If you are wondering Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the tallest steel arch bridges in the world. It links the northern suburbs of Sydney with the city center and connecting more than 200,000 cars across the bridge in a single day! And clearly this is not Secret sydney walks but the opposite because it is well known around the world.

There are two options to walk on this bridge. 1. The pedestrian footpath crossing the bridge (20 mins from one end to another). The second image is the view from the harbor bridge.

Buy the bride climb ticket on the official Harbour Bridge website and do the bridge walk that way!  Either way, I think it is an iconic walk that you should experience when in Sydney. With enough facilities such as toilets and cafe’s along the way, this walk is perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts, from solo travelers to groups.

Getting there
Train: From Circular Quay Station 3 mins walk to the bridge or you could even walk it from North Sydney and back.

4. Athol Bay to Chowder Bay

Athol Bay to chowder bay hike

Along the shoreline of Sydney Harbour National Park, you can visit Athol Bay for some secluded beach vibes. Perhaps have a picnic or a sandwich or a dip in the water and take some photos with a harbor background. Then pack up and continue walking up to Chowder Bay for sunsets. Personally, it is one of my favorite walks and highly recommend it. Just make sure to wear good shoes as some part of the trials may be muddy and slippery.

Stunning spots: Hidden Athol bay, viewpoints along the track, and Chowder Bay of course which is surrounded by stunning nooks to swim, fish, or picnic. I am sorting out my gallery, photos coming soon.

Getting there: This one is a bit tricky with the bus but this is what I did. From Central Station, you can take the 430 bus to Bradleys Head Rd opp Whiting Beach Road. On the last stop, I kept walking straight following the main road, then after like 5 minutes after the building that offers retreat, I saw the sign and walk down the park to the Athol Bay. Once you are there it is easy to follow the signs to Chowder Bay.

5. Wendy’s Secret Garden

secret sydney walks

I have been meaning to check out Wendy’s secret garden for ages and finally got around to it over the quiet Saturday morning. It is a real gem of a place, hidden away only a short stroll from Lunar Park at Milsons Point. Despite the central location, it still felt secluded and romantically private. The name “secret garden” definitely suits and now that I know it is right by the city, I aim to visit often to enjoy a moment of tranquility.

After her husband passed away, Wendy threw herself into cleaning up the landfill at the foot of her home. Then started with planting trees which later grew into a beautiful garden. I summed it up in two sentences but I understand cleaning up the mess day in, day out, and turning something beautiful out of nothing is inspiring. It is a bit like finding an oasis in the desert – verdant, green and lush. Recommend to take a gentle stroll through the garden (it’s not designed for rushing) and soak up the atmosphere. It’s hard to believe that the hustle and bustle of Sydney center is so near. You can even bring your lunch, picnic if you wish as there are benches scattered around the corners of the garden. Just remember to take your rubbish with you. A tranquil, tiny breath of fresh air.

Stunning spots: Garden itself is a hidden gem but if you follow the walking path below you will see also see the beautiful Opera House view from Harbour bridge and Harbour view from the garden. Also if it’s the weekend, check out the market in Milsons point.

Getting there
From the Central Station, take the light rail to circular Quay (15 minutes) then from the rocks, follow the pedestrian path to the Harbour bridge. Cross the harbor bridge, arrive at Milsons point train station then walk to the garden is roughly 10 minutes or from the central station, it takes a little over 30 minutes walking.

6. Watsons Bay to Bondi Walk

secret sydney walks

I think it has to be one of the scenic, most accessible and rewarding walks in Sydney. There is a couple of separate edges views points, endless ocean, pretty flowers, and dedicated walking path. On a fast phase, about 1.30 hours otherwise could take over 2 hours to complete this walk. Along the way, you can see some of Sydney’s finest secluded beaches, beautiful parks, stunning views of Sydney Harbour, the city skyline, and picture-perfect bays.

If would like a challenge you can start from the historic Hornby Lighthouse as you can also see North Head. The panoramic views of the city skyline and the Sydney Harbour will make you want to do this walking track more than once. Then when you arrive in Bondi, enjoy a well-deserved lunch at any of the cafes, rest up in Bondi Beach and enjoy the views.

Stunning spots: Camp Cove, Diamond Bay which is considered a secret sydney walks (more on that below)

Getting there
From Townhall Station, Park Street, Stand G bus number 324 or 324 and 325 departing Circular Quay. You can also catch the ferry to Watsons Bay from Circular Quay which could be a nice opportunity to see even more of Sydney Harbour, the sailing ships, yachts, and not to mention the prestigious waterfront mansions.

7. Parsley Bay to Kutti Beach Walk

Parsley Bay Bridge walk

Sydney is full of secret hidden wonders and Parsley Bay is one of them! It is located in the Eastern Suburbs at a peaceful harbor, bushland setting.
If you are looking for a secluded harbor side paradise away from the crowds, where you can relax and explore the natural wonderland, Parsley Bay is perfect.

The walk begins at the western side of Parsley Bay beach by the seawall and finishes on the eastern side of the bay at the wharf.  Either walk along, swim at the bay or fishing can be done also and there is a grassy area for some picnic and cafe at the corner for some hot coffee.

Parsley Bay Bridge walk
Dip in water at one of my favourite secret sydney walks

Stunning spots: The 100-year-old cable suspension footbridge which is surrounded by stunning nooks to swim, fish, or picnic. Parsley Bay is cute and if you walk good 10 minutes you can easily arrive in Kutti Beach which is another hidden gem in Sydney. A must see also if you are after some private beach time.

Getting there: From Hyde Park in the city, you can catch either 324 or 325 bus straight to Parsley Bay. I recommend 325 as you only have to walk 2 mins to get to the Parsley Bridge and with 324 10 mins. If you are driving there is a small car park at the end of Horler Avenue (a very narrow road) off Parsley Road. Then the pedestrian access starts from The Crescent, Hopetoun Avenue, and Horler Avenue.

8. Sydney Opera House/ Botanical Garden Walk

Australian travel blogger

This is the famous touristy thing to do but this walk is so gorgeous not to consider. Have you ever walked around the Sydney Opera House and the botanical garden especially during the sunrise or sunsets?

Though it is in the city, during early hours of the morning the area is usually quiet with rare noise pollution. You can see joggers, walkers, and photographers who appreciate nature and are enjoying and minding their own business. There are also plenty of seats along the way. There is so much to see here like I saw bats for the first time in my life!

Not to miss gorgeous gardens, the Calyx experience, birds, and magnetic harbor. Such a laid-back walk, perfect for any age. 1-2 hours for the slow walk.

Note: It also offers one of the best sunset views from Mrs. Macquire Chair and one of my fav Sydney walking.

Getting there
Train: From Central Station 20-30 minutes or from Circular Quay Station 5 mins walk. There is so much to explore out there. Just put on a pair of good shoes, a bottle of water, some snacks, and go. Watch as the world unfolds in front of you.

9. Bondi to Coogee coastal walks

Secret sydney walks

If the walk between the Watson Bay and Bondi is not enough, you can extend it by doing Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. This walk has six different sections. Each part offers a different experience and stunning views. Just walk south along the coastal path from Bondi and you can see the tiny Tamarama beach, beautiful Bronte beach, chic Clovelly beach, gorgeous Gordon’s Bay, and cute Coogee beach– all within 6 km.

Wander around the rock pools at low tide and watch the sun go up (or down depending on when you want to do the walk, it is open 24 hrs for sunrise and sunsets) with good coffee or excellent fish and chips from across the road.  If you are in the right month of the year you can also visit the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. (usually around November) The whole walk usually takes about 2 hours if done in a leisurely fashion.
No visit to Sydney is complete without Bondi to Coogee Walk!

Stunning spots: Bondi beach, Tamarama Beach, Bronte Beach, Clovelly Beach, Cemetery, Gordan’s Bay, Coogee Beach

Getting there
Train: From Central Station to Bondi Junction Station (T4/ Platform 24) then walk 10 mins to Bondi Beach or take the bus no 333 or 380 from Bondi Junction station. Bus: 1 straight bus (333,380) from the city to Bondi beach.

10. Stunning Blue Mountains Walk

Secret sydney walks

The Blue Mountains is a good choice if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will see magnificent scenery, hidden waterfalls, options for detours, a long set of stairs, and a panoramic view, and more. If you go through the guided tour – there should be an option to meet Australian Ancestors aka Aboriginals who will showcase their history and tradition in a special dance!

You are spoiled for choice in Blue mountain as it offers many walks and hikes. For example:  if you are taking the train and getting off at Katoomba station. You can do The ‘classic’ walk at Scenic World, walk along the cliff top to Echo Point & 3 Sisters – down Giant Stairway – right through rainforest valley – up the scenic railway. Remember to be careful with the Giant Stairway!

If you get off on Leura, you can do Sublime Point Lookout, Leura Cascades /Leura Forest/Fern Bower Circuit, and many others. I suggest picking one walk for the day and do that. Most paths are interconnecting with numerous descent ascent points too so, a map is handy!

australia east coast must-see

Then, there are other walks which would be easier with a car than public transport as the starting point are a little far from the train station. Like the hanging rock at Blackheath, my personal favorite! Please check the blue Mountain Australia website for details in regards to all the walks, their difficulty level, and estimate time here.

Optional: If you are adventurous like me,  you can also try rock climbing, abseiling or canyoning here. With the view that good, chances are you might get obsessed with it. You are tied to a rope the whole time but if you miss one lope, there is nothing behind you beside a big black hole of emptiness and trees. I had an amazing experience and most thrilling than skydiving if I may say so! Skydiving was fun too but thrilling for only a few seconds when you are free-falling but rock climbing in blue mountains is on another level!

Getting there
Train: From Central Station to Leura Station (the Blue Mountains Line/ Platform 6) Same train goes to Katoomba and Blackheath too.

11. Seacliff Bridge Viewpoint Walk

You may think who goes to walk or even a hike wearing a dress, guess what I do. I have even rock climbed wearing a dress! 😀

I must warn you this is not just a walk, more like a little hike. Be careful as the drop is huge but the view is worth it! I have written a whole post about this special walk. Read how to get to seacliff bridge walk here.

12. Blackwattle Bay Walk

sydney bucketlist

Blackwattle bay walk used to be my neighborhood walk! It is a pleasant walk that goes from Bicentennial, Federal, Jubilee Park, and Pope Paul VI Reserve in Glebe to the Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont, along Rozelle Bay and Blackwattle Bay.

Recommend to treat yourself to some fresh seafood at the famous Sydney Fish Market when you finish this walking track in Pyrmont on the other side of Blackwattle Bay. There are cafes and restaurants along the way too.

Stunning spots: This walking track offers great views of the Anzac Bridge and the Sydney Harbour. You will come across several parks and reserves along the way to relax and to soak up the peaceful vibe and scenic views of this picturesque part of Sydney.

Getting there: There is a small car park located on Chapman Road next to Bicentennial Park, I suggest to go early as it fills up quickly. Alternatively, you can get to Blackwattle Bay by Bus, Train, or Light rail. These are the lines and routes that have stops nearby – Bus 389, 501 Train: T1, T3, T4, or Light rail that stops in Glebe, Jubilee Park, and Rozelle Bay.

13. Federation Cliff Walk

Secret sydney walks
Secret sydney walks leading to this crazy spot!

This is another secret sydney walks not many people know of! The walk sweeps around the coastline on a walking path and timber boardwalk. The clear highlight is the rugged eastern cliffs at Diamond Bay which you will want to stop and take in.

Recommend doing this walk first thing in the morning to enjoy the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean to really appreciate it at its best. Please note, this particular place is dangerous and exercises extreme caution.

Getting there: This stunning coastal walk starts at Raleigh Reserve in Dover Heights and ends at Christison Park, Vaucluse. As long as you can manage the 4km, there is a delicious Grumpy Baker treat waiting for you at the other end!

14. Hermitage Foreshore Walk

This can be a quick walk but there are many scenic stops along the way perfect for picnics, photo ops, and swimming at scenic beaches overlooking the harbor. The walking path is made of both paved and timber boardwalk, which makes it relatively easy going (though there are steps along the way).

Stop by the Milk Beach, the historic Strickland House, and enjoy the panoramic views of the Harbour Bridge, Opera house, Shark Island, beautiful dense bushland, and home of the rich and wealthy along the water. The walk finishes at the turquoise waters of Shark Beach. It is not as scary as the name suggests though and there is a shark net if that makes you feel a little better. There is also a good cafe nearby, a grassed area to relax and toilets if needed. Consider it a hidden gem compared to Bondi-Coogee walks or Opera House- Botanical Gardens walks.

Getting there
Train: Use the T4 train line to get to Bondi Junction then switch to the bus 386 towards Vaucluse.
Drive: You can park the car at Bayview Hill Road or Nielsen Park and go for a return trip to make the most of it.

15. Otford to Bundeena Coastal Walk

This is Sydney’s premier coastal walk, taking you through the third oldest national park in the WORLD! The magnificent Royal National Park was established in 1879 and looks as good now as its hay days! You can either do a part of this walk or 2 days hike as the total walking distance is about 29km. There are opportunities for bird-watching, kayaking, whale-watching, and snorkeling along the way. Winding through the forest, up and down headlands and crossing long and elegant beaches all day. If you prefer a day walk, you can also do a section of it and call it a day.

Stunning spots not to miss – Garie beach, Wattamolla Beach, wedding cake rock at Bundeena then Cronulla. It is a semi-hard walk, so fitness is certainly required.

Getting there
Train: From Central Station Platform 25 to Otford Station. From Otford Station steep climb out of Otford Valley to the RNP entrance, at Otford Lookout.

Read here for weekend getaways from Sydney 0-3 hours away and fun weekend getaways close to sydney 3-6 hours away

16. Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay Walk

Another one of my favorite Secret sydney walks is the walk from Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay. This stunning bush track weaves its way around the harbor headlands from Taronga Zoo Wharf around Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay. It is a quintessential Sydney walk perfect for soaking up the views of the city, historic sites, harbor views, and heritage-listed buildings.

Chowder Bay offers a couple of great dining options and if you plan on exercising a bit, then I suggest taking a backpack with swimmers, a towel and a picnic is also a perfect option given the view!

Stunning spots: This whole track pretty much offers the Sydney harbor views, historic sites, and heritage-listed buildings.

Getting there: Drive up to Taronga Zoo first and start this walk from there. It is a stunning view from there!

17. Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk

Although it is slightly far from Sydney, I enjoy going to Palm Beach! Not only for its pretty beaches but also for this unique view from the lighthouse with beach on both sides of the peninsula. This is definitely one of the best hiking spots, mountain climbing, swimming, or beach time. Good for most ages as the walk up isn’t too difficult – there’s an easier and fully paved road up or there’s also a shortcut with stairs to the top.

Stunning spots: The 100-year-old cable suspension footbridge which is surrounded by stunning nooks to swim, fish, or picnic.

Getting there: From Wynyard Station, Carrington St, Stand C (Platform C) take bus 190X towards Palm Beach which will take about 1.5 hours to arrive at the Observation Point, Barrenjoey Rd. From here Palm beach is 15 minutes walk and the lighthouse is roughly 20-30 minutes walk from the beach depending on how fast or slow you walk. If you are driving, it costs $8 an hour parking along the Beach roadside.

18. Balls Head Reserve Walk

If you are after a hike that offers city view then Balls Head fits the bill. There is also a beautiful outdoor picnic area with a small bushwalk setting. Overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the location has the perfect backdrop for a great family or friends picnic. Recommend to go weekdays unless you don’t mind a bit of crowd during the weekends.

Stunning spots: Awesome view of the Sydney harbor is worth a thousand pictures! Even better at sunset with the pink glow and Waverton also offer a gorgeous view of Harbour Bridge and the city.

Getting there: From the central station, you can catch a train to Lindfield and get off in Waverton and hike about 15 min, 1.3 km from there to Balls Head Reserve.

19. Sydney Harbour National Park

Waverton walk

Sydney National Park is one of my favourite parks in Sydney. It is very close to the CBD but yet feels miles away once I am on the trial. The park is so well maintained and irrespective of the weather, it looks beautiful. I went there in summers and the pictures I took came out great in the natural lighting. It is an enjoyable evening walk, a must-do in Sydney which is why it is popular with tourist and locals also. So recommend to go early or even for sunsets as the family crowd would be rushing home by then.

Stunning spots: There are so many stunning viewpoints and secluded beaches that are worth checking out. I have shared some on this list already but there are so many others such as Goat Island, Fort Denison, Clark Island, South or Middle Head, Fairfax walk, North Head, Rodd Island, Shakespeares Point, Arabanoo lookout at Dobroyd Head, Cobblers Beach or Collins Flat, and Lady Bay Beach (nude beach) if you are into it.

Getting there: From Central station, you can take the 430 bus to Bradleys Head Rd opp Whiting Beach Road where you can start the following walking trial.

20. Uloola Falls Hike

Uloola Falls hike

If you are into a forest bath, Uloola Falls hike will be perfect for you. It is one of those peaceful hikes, with just tall trees everywhere, birds chirping, water from the creek below flowing, flora, and fauna blooming, and easily doable via bus in a day. I crossed paths with maybe only a few people (one was mountain biking, the other senior couple, and a group), other than that, I felt like I had the whole forest path to myself!

Stunning spots: The creek, big tall trees, the falls and the Uloola Falls forest path itself are worth going for.

Getting there: From Central Station, get on the train to the waterfall station. As you walk out of the station look on your left passed the parking area and there is a signboard to guide you.

21. Berowra National Park to Kuring Gai National Park

Alright, here is another hike that doesn’t require you to drive or pay the parking fees. That’s because you can start this hike as soon as you get out of Berowra train station. You can definitely start and end at either of the stations. Just make sure you have enough time to return back in the daylight because I made a mistake spending a lot of time in Cowan creek and while returning it was completely dark. (never again) Anyway, it is a beautiful hike full of lush green, water view, and can be a day out there with a picnic and exploring what we have right here in Sydney.

Stunning spots: Waratah Bay, Cowan Creek, and Appletree Bay.

Getting there: From Central Station, you can take the train to Berowra station and start the hike from there. All you have to do is walk out of the station, turn right passing the bicycle racks, another right, cross the bridge and you should see the signboard of the national park in front of you.

22. Watson Bay to Hornsby Lighthouse Walk

Sydney offers numerous jaw-dropping viewpoints with its walks and hikes, Watson Bay to Hornsby Lighthouse is one of them. This lighthouse is also known as South Head Lower Light or South Head Signal Station and offers a great view of the open water. Between June-Sept you could also whale watch from there, just bring your binoculars! It is a popular tourist attraction and a well-known local wedding photography venue also. Recommend to go during weekdays or early on weekends to avoid crowd.

Stunning spots: Watson Bay, Camp Cove Bay, Hornsby Lighthouse, and viewpoints along the way.

Getting there: From Wynyard Station, take either 324 or 325 bus to Watson Bay and you can easily start your hike from there. Alternatively, you can take a ferry from Circular Quay to Watson Bay or Drive of course.

23. The Split bridge to Manly hike

The Split bridge to Manly hike takes 3 hours but if you make a picnic along the way or have a post-hike meal at Manly then it could easily be 5-6 hours. Starting at the Mosman’s Spit Bridge, this classic Sydney coastal walk shows you some of the most picturesque parts of Middle and North Harbours. If you been wanting to be in nature, water views, and lush green but don’t want to travel hours on a train then this could be it.

Some of the must-see on this hike were Fisher Bay, Sandy Bay, Clontarf Beach, Castle Rock, and the spectacular view from Dobroyd Head. Also, don’t miss the Aboriginal rock engravings at Grotto Point, the amazing views from Arabanoo lookout, gorgeous flora, and fauna, stunning harbor, bush, and ocean views. Also, recommend to pass by or take a dip at Reef Beach or Forty Baskets on your way to Manly and along the way marvel at multi-million dollar harbourside mansions and yachts!

You could also start this hike at Manly and end at the Split bridge but personally I prefer the other way because ending in Manly means you could enjoy a sundowner, food, or just relax at the beach and easily take the ferry back to the city.

Getting There: The split to Many is a beautiful 10KM /3 hours hike that can be considered one of the refreshing day trips from Sydney by public transport ie bus and ferry although you may need to catch the train first to get to Wynard station from where you need to switch to the bus. From Wynyard Station, Carrington St, Stand A (Platform A) get on the bus no 180 towards Collaroy Plat, get off in Spit West Reserve, Spit Rd (put this on your google maps). Note: This stop is BEFORE the bridge. Once you get off the bus, cross the bridge by foot then at the end of the bridge, you should see the stairs going down the bridge. Follow that path, you are at the starting point of beautiful Split to Manly walk.

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Top 24 walks in Sydney (Secret ones with photos)
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