If you have decided to visit Melbourne for a short vacation, be aware as you may end up living there! The city is breathtaking, with iconic sites to spruce up your adventure. Whether you are a blogger or want to get new shots for your Instagram, Melbourne is the place to visit. Getting the right locations to take epic pictures is relatively easy but can be daunting without a local guide. So I hope this Instagram worthy places in Melbourne guide will help you.

14 Most Instagram worthy places in Melbourne

1. Cook’s Cottage

instagram worthy places in melbourne
Instagram worthy places in Melbourne

This English cottage is Australia’s oldest house! It belonged to Captain Cook’s parents. Bought in England, dismantled, and reconstructed brick by brick here in Fitzroy Garden in Melbourne. Yep you read that right. Every single brick in the house was numbered as it was deconstructed and painstakingly packed into 253 cases and 40 barrels for shipping. The cottage then set sail from Hull aboard the Port Dunedin to Victoria.
You can also visit inside & vibe into18th century life. It is closed at this stage but the surrounding public gardens offer a serene vista spot for locals and tourists alike.🍃

2. Pink Lake Melbourne

Melbourne travel guide for first timers

This Pink lake in Melbourne is one of the cool places in Melbourne to visit. Not only for its unique color but also because it is easy to get to from the city center. Both of these reasons make it one of the best Instagram worthy places in Melbourne.

So the question now is what makes it pink? Algae growing in the lake’s salt crust produce red pigment, called beta carotene as part of their photosynthesis process, and given the other right conditions are present it turns pink when salt levels are higher than usual.

3. Eureka Skydeck 88


The Eureka tower offers one of the best views of the city. It’s over 300 meters in the clouds allowing the tourists to have a breathtaking sight of the whole vicinity. The tower is fitted with two lifts that propel visitors to level 88 in only 40 seconds. The Skydeck 88 takes tourists to the edge where there is a switchable glass cube with openings on the sides.
Its located on the Southbank, relatively easy to spot. You will get to experience the panorama effect plus many other activities the place has to offer.

4. Hosier Lane


Take a stroll down the bluestone laneway and get a riveting view of urban street art. Hosier lane is infamous for its diversity in art culture. The lane is covered with different colors, characters, and shapes made by local and international artists. You can easily manage a tour around the area to learn more about the artists and their work. There is a lot of art on the walls—windows and bins in the area. You can opt for a cold drink at Bar Tini, which is not located far from the main event.

5. Flinders Street Station


The station is located on one of the busiest commuter hubs in Melbourne. However, it provides photographers the best background for their images. The canary-yellow walls and the glorious doom roof are excellent for Instagram photos. You can choose to visit the area at night for better photos.

6. St Kilda Foreshore


One of the other instagrammable spots in Melbourne is St Kilda. It’s one of the most popular places to visit due to its proximity. It has one of the best beaches in Melbourne. The area is in close proximity to Lunar park. You will find people playing volleyball, cricket, and Frisbee on sunny days. The water is normally filled with swimmers from all over and yachts. You can take a walk down the area to spot the penguins that come out during dusk.
You can opt for an evening walk to capture the serene area around St Kilda Pier. There are palm trees within the area that line the lunar park. It’s quite popular for watching the sunset.

instagram worthy places in melbourne

7. State Library of Victoria


A library is an iconic place for all tourists. It features LA Trobe reading Room that visitors cannot have enough of today. The creativity behind the Room gives off a wizard vibe. It has an octagonal shape, long white walls, and spaced reading tables that contribute to the building’s general aesthetics. The 150-year-old building has exceptional rooms and balconies that have great spots to take pictures.

The landmark is a cultural icon for Melbourne with the most appreciated icons. It holds over two million books, pictures, maps, manuscripts, and digital material.

8. Dandenong Ranges


The Dandenong Ranges is located 35km from Melbourne. The area features versatile places to eat, shopping opportunities, top attractions, and iconic regions to photograph. At the foothill of the ranges, Burrinja cultural center encompasses live music theatre, arts, events, workshops, and a café.

The ranges also have Cloudehill Gardens at the top. It has breathtaking features with high picture value. The garden rooms and maze of stone walls are quite aesthetic.

The botanic garden should be your first stop in the area. It has over a thousand different species of plants. The seasonal changes of the area ensure the garden is green and fertile all year through.

9. The Royal Botanic Gardens


If you want a more relaxed, calm set up, you should consider going to the royal botanical gardens. Here you will find a breathtaking view of what nature has to offer: the lush rainforests, cactus gardens, and serene lakes all for your instream glam. The location is open to everyone every day of the week, encouraging more people to stream in. The huge leafy trees are a great aesthetics for your beautiful Instagram page.

10. Coop’s Shot Tower


Coop’s Shot Tower is the most iconic places to take a photo. The building has been in existence since 1889 for bullet manufacturing. The bullets from the machine would drop and create subtle impressions on the ground. The architects of current times ensured that they preserved this unnatural aspect by covering it with a dome. This has made the area the most popular destinations worldwide.

11. The National Gallery of Victoria


You can easily add to the picturesque culture by visiting the National Gallery of Victoria. It is an exquisite place to get quality pictures for your Instagram feed. The building features artifacts, sculptures, and paintings that rank the place very highly. It hosts the best exhibitions nationwide with more permanent exhibits for tourists. The most famous piece is the Leonard French’s stained glass located in the main hall.

12. Brighton Beach Boxes

If you have considered Melbourne as a tourist destination, you must have already come across the Brighton Beach Boxes photos. It has over eighty beaches in the vicinity for the past one hundred years. The beaches are colorful and iconic for all Instagrammers and bloggers. Locals own the boxes in the area, and they do not sublet to tourists. They decorate the boxes aesthetically. The most famous box is the one with an Aussie flag.

13. Luna Park

instagram worthy places in melbourne

14. Yarra Valley


Final Thoughts
There so many Instagram worthy places in Melbourne and incredible travel experiences. The above areas are quite exceptional, especially for Instagram. Just carry a good camera!

instagram worthy places in melbourne
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14 Most Instagram worthy places in Melbourne

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    Wow! These places look incredible. I have heard about the pink lake and have been dying to go. Once it is safe to travel, I will most definitely be checking more of these places out. Thank you for sharing!


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