Welcome to Daily blog no 19. Today I am going to share Adelaide’s Top Attractions. This straight to the point guide will cover things not to miss in Adelaide, Australia. No matter where you stay in Adelaide, once you get to the Rundle Mall, you are right in the heart of the city and then all you have to do is choose which attractions you want to see first. So, let’s begin! In case you missed it here is the ultimate Sydney travel guide- everything you need to know before you go, based on the things I personally recommend. If you are dreaming of going to Sydney, Australia, you would love this guide! Also, I am challenging myself to produce Daily quality blog posts. You can show your support by subscribing here.  Now, let’s begin! My favourite Point of interests in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide’s top attractions

Adelaidetopattraction Adelaidetopattraction

Stroll around The Rundle Mall

Rundall Mall was the first thing I saw when I was in Adelaide. The mall has around 1000 shops where you can shop & eat! Best thing to see there apart from shopping are the several items of modern sculpture in the mall such as “Rundle Mall balls” two large stainless steel spheres, water fountain and group of life-size bronze pigs. They also have names! Oliver, Elliott, Truffles and August! Rundall Mall is a must-see place to visit, especially to pat all the 4 pigs. Well kept, tidy and very clean, open-air performers- buskers, and card tricks added much enjoyment to the mall vibe. The street is large and no cars can come through. So, you can enjoy one of many restaurants that let people eat outside. I felt like I was in Paris. It is worthwhile to see while in Adelaide! Adelaidetopattraction

Explore Adelaide’s, Central Market

Head to Adelaide’s Central Market for some fresh produce and quality food. There are many places to get a hot meal including a place in the food court that allows you to fill up a plate with a choice of Asian dishes – buffet style. The markets themselves have 3 or 4 butchers/ small goods stores – Standom, Barossa fine foods to name a few. About half a dozen greengrocers, a number of cheese shops, organic specialty shops and bakers. The list goes on. There was also live music playing and a live cooking demonstration with free samples. I found Friday nights/ Saturday mornings have the real market atmosphere. It’s a pleasure and a delight to stroll around the markets and then take a small walk to China town for a nice meal. Adelaidetopattraction

Visit Adelaide Botanical Garden

Adelaide Botanical Garden is tucked away on the wonderful North Terrace walking distance from CBD. Shady, free, uncluttered, peaceful and very restful. The perfect way to unwind and declutter the mind. You can also take a free tour which is informative and pleasant. They have taken great care to label seemingly all the plants which add to the educational vibe if you want to find out their names. Strolling around the garden is a lovely way to enjoy a couple of hours of peace in the inner city. It is a must-visit with its signature arbour of Moreton Bay Fig Trees. If you are a keen walker, then Adelaide garden is the place. Adelaidetopattraction

Take the Glenelg Tram

Glenelg is a very pleasant area where you can go for a good walk, beach, and visit the small museum. The visitor centre below the museum has a map of the area which I recommend you pick up. You can pay for your ticket on board the tram using coins or credit cards. The tram stop is at the Rundle Mall and returns trip pp is under $10AUD. It drops you right near Glenelg pier, visitor info and eateries. A few stops also have ticket machines that take notes. The tram is very comfy and whisks you down to Glenelg quickly, enjoying suburban views on the way. Perfect spot for sunset view too! Adelaidetopattraction

Join Adelaide Walking Tour

Adelaide is a walker’s paradise as it is surrounded by around 1,000 hectares of public parklands. The best thing about it? Walking is one of the free things to do in Adelaide, although you have to pay if you decide to go with the tour. There are many tours to choose from online, starting at $30 – $350.

Bush Walking in BelAir National Park

Bel Air National Park has a place for everyone. Hiking, camping, nurseries, a picnic, ride your bike, sit around, photography, or horse riding. It is also the best place to spot a Kangaroo, Koala or Emu. The park is clean and well maintained with plenty of food and restroom facilities throughout. If you love nature and bushwalking then bushwalking through Belair National Park is an experience not to miss. You’ll see beautiful scenery and enjoy the flora and fauna. There is a good variety of walks in terms of distance and degree of difficulty. Adelaidetopattraction Adelaidetopattraction   Adelaidetopattraction

Day trip to Granite Island

If you have a spare day or two, Granite Island is a great place to visit on a short trip from Adelaide. ( 1 hour 17 mins drive) It has a good mix of heritage, nature and fun to offer visitors. Scenic views along the walking paths and a chance to see seals basking on the rocks by the edge of the island. Don’t miss the horse-drawn tram over to the island, you can walk around on the boardwalks and get a good lookout for whales. There is quite a bit of history to read about and you may even see the penguins sunbaking on the rocks. There is also a nice little cafe where you can get good coffee. I also recommend strolling around Port Adelaide, swimming at the Henley Beach, ( check out the beachside suburbs of Largs Bay, Somerton, Brighton, Seacliff,) walking along the River Torrens and enjoy the view from the Mount Loft Lookout. There’s a fantastic view of the city, surrounding suburbs and St Vincent Gulf from the lookout at Mt Lofty, which is a 20-min drive from the Adelaide city centre. Barossa o Valley Wine tour should be fun too!

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Adelaide’s top attractions
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11 thoughts on “Adelaide’s top attractions

  • September 30, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    I must admit that Adelaide was not my favourite place to visit in Australia; we really just went there to visit some relatives. We went to Granite Island, though, and it was a big hit with our kids. They loved that horse-drawn tram!

  • September 30, 2018 at 7:21 pm

    Aaaaw! I love Adelaide. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m from there, but it’s a real kick when others enjoy it too.

  • September 30, 2018 at 10:50 pm

    I must admit that this place wasn’t in the first 100 things on my bucket list but reading this I would like to move it really high. I love it! I hope soon it will become my reality and thank you for all the tips 😀

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  • October 1, 2018 at 11:54 am

    Walking tours are a great way to now a city historically and culturally. Great to know that Adelaide also has one. The Rundle Mall seems to be the heart of the city, so it’s not missable at all. I would love to take the tram also and get around the city. So many things to do. Thanks for the share.

  • October 2, 2018 at 1:08 am

    I must say that I’ve never heard of Adelaide so thank you for introducing me to it. The trip to Granite Island definitely sounds like fun. I’ll add this to my list of places for when I finally manage to visit Australia.

  • October 3, 2018 at 11:14 pm

    Can’t wait to get to Adelaide! Bush walking sounds awesome and looks beautiful. I’ll be going next year so will pin this 🙂

  • October 3, 2018 at 11:44 pm

    I’ve always wanted to go Bush walking! I’m saving up now to make it happen within the next few years. This post has gotten me so excited!

  • October 4, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    Bush walking in BelAir National Park sounds interesting! I’m visiting Australia next year (though not Adelaide) and looking for the best place to go bush walking, though my main concern is, I’ve heard you can come across some really deadly snakes and I am so scared of snakes! I love the coastal views which I believe are from Granite Island? Gorgeous!


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