Welcome to Daily Blog no 16! If you missed yesterday’s post you can find it here. Today I am going to share 16 most Instagrammable places in Sydney, Australia. As a lover of beautiful places, I seek and find Insta worthy places in all the countries I travel to. The time has finally arrived to share my favourite Insta worthy places in my own backyard. If you are looking for some great spots to take your selfie or Instagram photos in Sydney, you may want to bookmark this page for your reference. I have included my secret spots, 2 outside the city spots, and more. Let’s start!

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16 most Instagrammable places in Sydney, Australia

1. Angel Place

Hidden away in between the Pitt and George Street is Angel Place. Chances are maybe you will miss it if you don’t don’t know where you going. So, keep an eye out for it! If you are there during the weekdays, there is a cafe next door which should be open and you can enjoy coffee/tea or breakfast and lunch while you take your Insta pictures. If you want to enjoy the birdcages in quietness, the weekend is the best time to go.

2. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach needs no introduction! It is one of the popular beaches in Australia and the world. You may say this is so touristic but trust me, the first time you see it with your own eyes, you wouldn’t want to do anything but take pictures for your Instagram! Anytime is a good time to go here but I especially love the sunrises and sunsets views, also the beach itself, graffiti and surfing pictures come out great too!

3. Newtown

As you stroll around the Newtown area and its colourful alleyways, you will discover fences, parking lots and side walls covered with incredible art! However, If you prefer to stay on the main street (King Street) there are also some art walls you can find easily. If this isn’t the new hip Instagram worthy places, Idk what is!

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you didn’t know, not only you can climb but you can also walk on the Sydney harbour bridge. And if you stop and look around you can see beautiful scenery like in the pic above. It looks like it was taken from a drone but instead, it was just my Samsung! It is amazing the quality of the pictures from my Note9! Thanks, Samsung! So back to the list, you can start walking the harbour bridge from either end and take an aerial type of images as I did! Totally Instagram worthy!

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5. Bronte Baths

Few meters down from the Bronte Beach is this beautiful Ocean salt water rock pool. Usually crowded but if you go during the weekdays, likely you will find it all to yourself and take as many Instagram pictures as you want! Nobody would be rolling their eyes at you!

6. Bondi Icebergs

While you are in Bondi Beach, you may want to stroll around and have lunch, drink or perhaps a dip in Bondi Icebergs. This place is photogenic inside out.

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I decide the vibe 💯

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7. State Library of New South Wales

This is a beautiful library just a couple of minutes from Opera house and Botanical Garden. Just be mindful of students and other guests, keep your camera on silent! I bet the photo would come out great from the second floor but the stairs were locked when I went. Lmk in comments if you get lucky!

8. The Blue Mountains

Day trip or multiple days camping, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Blue mountain is a great choice. You can also go rock climbing, abseiling, hiking in the blue mountains and chill in the serene environment. There are many walking paths /lookouts you can choose from, my image is just an example in Sublime Point. I have also got some other places in Blue Mountain on my Instagram. The best thing is, this place offer spectacular Insta worthy sights all around you!

9. Bradfield Park

I keep saying Bradfield Park offers the best view of the Sydney harbour bridge and the Opera house and it sure does! It is a perfect spot for the picnic or just reading a book too. IMO, it passes all the criteria to be an Instagram worthy place.

10. Palm Beach

I mean look at that view! Tucked away in the northern beaches region of Sydney. Plam beach can be a day trip or weekend getaway. Just hike to the top of the lighthouse for this Insta worthy view!

11. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a large city park, located right in the heart of the Sydney city. I would say anywhere around the foundation is great for the Instagram photo unless you prefer just trees and plants in your photo, then there are heaps too. The background of skyscrapers from the Hyde Park is also a great Insta worthy angle.

12. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

This is one of my favourite spot for watching sunsets in Sydney. Also, a great spot for the Instagram Photos. During the afternoon you will find many joggers, tourists, backpackers, locals, photographers, videographers doing their best to capture the nature’s beauty from here. You won’t be disappointed, must visit!

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13. Booti Booti National Park

Now this one is a bit far from the Sydney city. 3.5 hours by car, 6 hours by Train and bus but once you get there, you will be so pleased with the views, colours, lake, trees, sunsets and the beach as well. Camping is available and so is parking. if you have some extra days left in Sydney, pack your bags, arrange transportation and go camping. Everywhere I looked in Booti Booti National Park, it was Instagram worthy!

14. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is probably the No 1 place visitors take photos in Sydney! I am on a cruise here in the picture, but Opera house looks great from any angle. It automatically adds class to your Instagram photos, so why not!

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Perfect spot to watch the sunrise in #sydney 😍 ___________________But when i got there one lazy Sunday; it was cloudy and dark. So, my photo came out dark as well 😏 buuuuuuuut lightroom saved me and here I am sharing this little gem of Sydney with you all 😍 __________________👉🏼 Do you have photos taken in an antilight, rainy, or cloudy day? Or Not sure which photo editing app to use? There are thousands of them isn't it! My recommendation 👉🏼 Try lightroom and it's easy to use editing features! Watch the "magic house" highlight in my bio and swipe up to download, buy and/or trial for free 👆🏼 @lightroom @adobecreativecloud #LightroomCC Create, learn and share 🙂 #collab

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15. Diamond Bay Reserve

This is one of my best kept local secrets, so don’t tell anyone! 🙂 Diamond Bay Reserve is an absolutely stunning boardwalk which comes with a lookout. Really beautiful breathtaking views. Usually not very busy as it is not a well-known tourist attraction. So, it feels like off the beaten path. It is located nearby Watson’s Bay which is also worth visiting. Read here how to easily make it a day walk because it is not easy to get to by public transportation. Free street parking is available or you can always catch an Uber to get to the destination. When you get there, take Instagram pictures and stores like there is no tomorrow!

16. Blackwattle Bay

And this is my another local secret I am sharing just for you guys! Blackwattle Bay is a beautiful bay close to Glebe (which is 20-30mins walk from the Sydney city) and again not a well-known tourist destination. It is a local’s gem and a great place for walking, sight-seeing & home to some of the excellent restaurants nearby. There is also quite an interesting colonial history around this area that is worth discovering. Certainly worth a visit, especially for watching sunsets and taking those Insta worthy pictures.

Hope you enjoyed this 16 most Instagrammable places in Sydney blog post!


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16 most Instagrammable places in Sydney, Australia
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    Found you through your IG and love your feed Anna!

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    These are epic recommendations. I was planning to go to Australia this year but it didn’t push through. I might go next year. Bookmarked it.

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    I would love to be in the Angel Place, the state library and the Diamond bay reserve for sure. The installation has a superb message in it. Just loved it.

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    Hyde Park was my favorite photo. Looking and reading makes me want to go to Sydney even more. Didn’t realize how beautiful it is.

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    Wow! Those are some really gorgeous locations…liked Diamond Bay Reserve the best. I think your photos capture essence of those moments wonderfully.
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    Wow, these are some beautiful photos. I need to get to Australia one day for sure.

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    16 most Instagrammable places in Sydney, Australia is a great roundup with lots of goodies. Great ideals on where to find Instagram worthy backdrops that I am excited to try.

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    I would love to visit all of these places. They are amazing looking places.

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