Seoul is the capital city of South Korea for 600 years and since few decades one of the most happening cities in Asia. With many Instagram-worthy places, interesting landmarks, 14 UNESCO heritage sites, and tons of moderns cafes and restaurants. So if you are looking for some of the best cafes in Seoul, you have come to the right place! Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling in a group there is a cafe for everyone in Seoul.

Something worth mentioning here is that Google Maps doesn’t work very well in Korea, recommend downloading KakaoMap Google Translator for effective communication.

1 week in Seoul

Do you know the longest bridge fountain in the world is located on the Banpo Grand Bridge (1140 m) over the Han River in Seoul?

Anyway without further ado, let’s start the best cafes in Seoul. These cafes are known for their amazing coffees, and many of them showcase their award-winning interiors too. I have broken down the list according to the four main areas in South Korea so it should be easier to find them.

Note: This is a guest post by Pretty, a fellow solo female traveler.

Cute cafes in Seoul

best cafes in seoul
One of the best cafes in seoul

Hongdae is a suburb in Seoul, South Korea near Hongik University, in fact, is also named after the same name university. It is a bustling area known for its urban arts and indie music culture, local shops, clubs, and entertainment.

Below are some of the most instagrammable cafes in


  1. Perception
  2. King’s Cross Harry Potter Cafe (themed cafe)
  3. L’Air Du Temps
  4. Fritz
  5. Yri Café and Bar
  6. La Douce
  7. Milo coffee Roasters
  8. Jebi Dabang (Chwihan Jebi)
  9. Anthracite
  10. Mudaeruk
  11. Sarr
  12. Ban Bossy Boutique
  13. Four B Basic
  14. Grain
  15. Coffee Libre
  16. Cafe aA
  17. VER’s House
  18. Cafe Highwaist
  19. Clarte Coffee
  20. Coffee Nap Roasters
  21. Thanks Nature Cafe
  22. Bold Coffee
  23. Table A
  24. Clink Cafe & Diner
  25. Dessert Factory
  26. Yeonnam Bangagan
  27. Cafe Millee
  28. Peony
  29. Be Sweet On
  30. Le Petit Four
  31. Meerkat Cafe
  32. Bau House
  33. Yri Cafe
  34. Coffee Only
  35. Blanc
  36. Wisteria
  37. Puffy Paw Dog Cafe ( themed cafes)
  38. Sunnyne Dog Cafe
  39. Cats Living
  40. Cafe Yeonnam (2D cafe)
  41. Greem Cafe

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cute cafes in seoul


Itaewon is known for its nightlife and an electric neighborhood full of vintage shops, bars, and clubs. Probably one of the reasons why foreigners and ex-pats are seen more around here than in Hongdae.

Here are the best coffee shops in Itaewon.

  1. Plant Cafe Seoul
  2. Sundance Place
  3. Coffee Smith Itaewon
  4. Kenya Kiambu Coffee
  5. Identity Coffee Lab
  6. Orang Orang
  7. Avec.El
  8. The Mi Three Shiba Cafe 
  9. Bimbom
  10. Upside Coffee
  11. The Flying Pan Blue
  12. Cafe Rosso
  13. Chan’s Bros
  14. Egg Drop
  15. Analog Kitchen
  16. Layered
  17. Slow Steady Club
  18. Cafe Miei
  19. Vacant Shop
  20. Cafe Tweed
  21. Social Club Seoul
  22. C.Through
most instagrammable cafes in seoul


Now, this is the area, as you may know, is internationally famous because of the song that became popular a few years ago. Not only that Gangnam is also known as one of the richest districts in South Korea and is home to many big names brand stores, underground shopping centers, and malls.

This best cafes in Seoul list wouldn’t be complete without including original Seoul cafes in Gangnam.

  1. Get Some Coffee
  2. DIOR Cafe
  3. Paris Baguette Gangnam Station
  4. Line Friends Cafe Garosu-gil
  5. Butterfinger Pancakes
  6. Chloris Tea & Coffee
  7. Ediya Coffee Lab
  8. Blue Room
  9. Snob
  10. Saheul
  11. Ediya Coffee Yeoksam Star
  12. Butter Finger Pancake Gangnam
  13. Alver
  14. BeansBins Coffee Garosugil
  15. Sona
  16. Chloris Tea & Coffee
  17. C27
  18. Sum Cafe
  19. Sona
  20. Maman Gateau
  21. Cafe Madang – Maison Hermes
  22. 89Mansion
  23. Shim Story Seoul
  24. Manmade Wooyoungmi
  25. Thesis

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instagrammable cafes in seoul


I would say this area is still somewhat a hidden gem in Korea. Not known by many, Seongsu-dong is a trendy uber-cool neighbourhood popular amongst locals. It is also known as the Brooklyn of Seoul or East London because of the cool warehouse cafes, and boutique shops.

Below are some of the best cafes in Seoul, Seongsu-Dong.

  1. Cafe Onion Seongsu
  2. Cafe Ake
  3. Mellower
  4. Cafe Poze
  5. Friday Movement
  6. Mealdo
  7. &other
  8. Cafe Bot
  9. Center Coffee
  10. Daerim Warehouse
  11. share D table
  12. Person B

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