The last 2 months have been emotional, to say the least. Hence the delay in posting my Feb and March monthly posts. Not that anyone cares but I know some of you are my loyal readers so I know you would;)

It was emotional because what happened was unexpected. On the first week of February, I took my mum to SpecsSaver to have her eye sights checked. I was planning on getting her new reading glasses and another set to see in the distance. Usually, the eye test takes maybe 15mins but this time it took a while and finally the optometrist informed me my mum may have Glaucoma (a sight-threatening condition). I was shocked because there was no indication of any issues with her vision that she spoke of. She said she can see fine but the test said otherwise… Specs Saver advised we should see the Eye Specialist/Dr to confirm this and referred to one.

We went through 2 different tests first at Specs Saver (field test and can’t remember the other rest) and repeated the tests at the Eye Specialist Dr to confirm plus consultation. Dr detected advanced Glaucoma in both of her eyes! I don’t remember the last time I was that nervous to get the results and to learn that if untreated it could lead to sudden vision loss was scary and made me teary. Dr advised the best option is treatment with laser trabeculoplasty in February and March and review over three months (July 2021). If the laser is unsuccessful, surgery needs to be done with a six-month follow-up period, which would probably take us to December 2021. The only other immediate solution offered was eye drops which will probably help lessen the eye pressure but ultimately the Dr wanted us to book the laser asap.

We had a lot to think on our plate immediately because as I mentioned in my last post, my mum’s visa was expiring in March and she wanted to go back to Nepal due to her personal reasons. So a few weeks even before the initial eye check-up I’d booked a non-refundable flight to Nepal for her (although we weren’t sure if the plane will fly or not) I voiced reapplying for another extension and have the laser done but after discussing with her, she decided to stick with eye drops for the short term and had her reasons to go back.

Needless to say, we are grateful for this early detection and will do our best to get the treatment asap whether that be in Nepal or here in Australia. Usually, we find that even foreigners go to Nepal for eye procedures so perhaps it is cost-effective to do it in Nepal. We’ll find out more as she will also have it checked in Nepal and decide what she wants to do.

All that to say, I encourage you to also go for your timely eye checks. Glaucoma could be from hereditary or age and comes with no signs.

Although it was hard for me to digest the news about my mum’s eyes it was important that I stayed strong for her. And in my attempts to help her forget about it for brief moments, I was encouraging her to get out of the house more often and showing/discovering more of what Victoria has to offer.

February was a short month so along with repeated Dr visits; we managed to go on some walks, museums, beaches, and a visit to a Buddhist center to light some candles for my uncle who passed away in Nepal.

Below are some of our favourite walks in Feb.

Blue Lake at Plenty Gorge Park, Royal Park, Royal Botanical Gardens to Shrine of Remembrance walk and Lilydale to Warburton Walk.

Secret Melbourne Walks

For travels, I took her to see the Great Ocean Road and the Melbourne Eye.

Best Spots for Free camping on the Great Ocean Road


March was the end of my time with my mum this time around and the beginning of living alone on my own again. Bittersweet moments where I wanted her to stay longer but also okay with her leaving. Overall, I am thankful for the time we had together and truly hope she enjoyed her time with me as much as I did including lockdown and all.

Here’s an article I wrote inspired by my mum who is nearly 70 years old and traveled solo to Nepal during covid.

Travel to Nepal During Covid

Here’s an article to get you up to speed, my big move from Sydney to Melbourne

It was already the last week of March when it hit me I had not done much this month, besides work and running around arranging travels to Nepal for my mum. Oh, I did a lot of blog writing though. And I will close by saying this: Being responsible for an elderly parent is no joke. Trying to live a normal life in a pandemic is no joke. So even if you are only breathing, know that you are doing well.

See you end of April with another monthly post wrapping this month.

Here are some articles to inspire your next travels

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