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Here I cover, everything you need to know before you go to Sydney, Australia from visa, wifi, phone plans to where to go, what to eat, what to see and more. You can click the image above to check it out.


australia east coast must-see
If you looking to travel the east coast of Australia, this article covers EVERYTHING you need to know.


No matter how far and long I travel, every time I’m back, I find fun things to do here. Whether it’s raining, winter or summer, here are some cool things to do in Sydney at least once in your life.


As a lover of beautiful places, I seek and find Insta worthy places in all the countries I travel to. The time has finally arrived to share my favourite Insta worthy places in my own backyard. Let’s start!

Looking for 5 days Sydney itinerary? Click the picture above to read it.


To a tourist it may look like summer in Sydney means sun, surf, BBQ and a jam-packed Bondi Beach. But if you ask any water-loving local, they will tell you there are a lot more hidden secluded beaches and swimming holes around the city than Australia’s most famous beach. You just need to know where to find them.
There are more than 100 beautiful beaches in Sydney. Whether you are after the calm, tranquil bays and secret coves or busy surf beaches and world-famous tourist destinations. Sydney got it all. To make things easier I have put together the top 9 best beaches that you should visit in Sydney. Find out more here.


During my 3 years of travelling, I have been to some unfamous cafes and been surprised by the quality of coffee and also to the famous chain ones and disappointed. This guide comes from my personal experience of eating and drinking at many cafes in Sydney, Australia since last year.  So, let’s begin!


No matter where you stay in Sydney, once you get to Circular Quay station, you are right in the heart of the city and then all you have to do is choose which attractions you want to see first. So, let’s begin!
As you can imagine, there are thousands of dining places to choose from. This straight to the point guide will help you uncover different cuisines and restaurants not to miss in Sydney, Australia.


Did you know Sydney is made up of 658 suburbs and residents of Sydney are known as “Sydney Siders”? More in the blog post. Click the image.


Whether you are an exchange student, traveller, living in Sydney or in between jobs, there are many walks and hikes to do in Sydney. I have put together the best ones I enjoy below but first a little reminder. Continue reading by click the image above.


I am a solo female traveller from Sydney, Australia. Yes, a Sydney local but I am not here often because usually, I am travelling the world. But when I am home, I make sure to get out and about and visit new places. I am glad I finally got to visit seacliff bridge which was high on my list. Click the image to find the entrance to this secret spot.


Sydney Christams for budget travellers.                                                                    If you are a traveller on a budget, Sydney can be a very expensive place to visit.  However, that experience definitely helps build a true character with an abundance of perks along the way. Below I’ve listed 7 budget-friendly things to do in Sydney during Christmas.

tomato-festival-sydney-australia I read about the Tomato Festival in Sydney, Australia in The Royal Botanical Garden’s website. Here is more about it.


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